Hops With Hotline

When Jonathan Martin left, the Hotline’s collective drinking skills declined substantially. Still, we hear that there are still some champs in the mix who can put back the Makers and ginger ale with the best of ’em.

See you how you stack up by joining them this afternoon:

    April 20, 2007
    Hotline On Call Is On Tap Today @ 4 PM

    Join your favorite Hotline staffers TODAY for Happy Hour:

    Hotline Happy Hour
    4pm to 7pm (or “Last Call,” if you will…)
    Union Pub:www.unionpubdc.com
    201 Massachusetts Ave NE

    No good reason to celebrate, except that no one bothers to invite us to any real WHCA pre-parties tomorrow so we have to have our own. Sadly, drinks will not be on the company. But we swear our own company is worth it.