Have You Outgrown Your Job? Three Telltale Signs

Tech Writing FIAre you dragging yourself to get to the office on a Monday morning, dreading the upcoming week? Downright bored from start to finish? You may have simply outgrown your job.

Courtesy of a piece on Business Insider, here are a few telltale signs.

1. You’re bored. Let’s face it — being intelligent is a blessing and sometimes a curse. You’re too smart for your job and constantly underwhelmed by your assignments. Per the piece, this will make it challenging for you to concentrate and stay focused. If you rely on sugar, coffee and oh yes, more sugar to stay alert then it’s time to look for a new gig.

2. You don’t share your ideas. If your ideas don’t go anywhere, you may be at the point where you have stopped sharing them altogether. The office should be welcoming your ideas — to at least consider them, if not implement them.

The piece mentions: “If it doesn’t feel worth it to speak up, or your ideas fall on deaf ears, it might be time to look for a position where your brainpower is put to better use.”

3. Your coworkers are stuck. It’s hard to soar with eagles when you work among turkeys, right? Well, if your colleagues can’t keep up with your pace when you dish about a complicated problem and accompanying solution, it might be a sign they’re not intellectually stimulating you. Sure, they may be friendly and may have a strong work ethic but it won’t help you if you’re not moving forward.

It’s like sports: You won’t be able to improve your game if you’re playing with people who are “below your league.”