Has Google Been Hacked? ‘This Site May Harm Your Computer’ Appears on All Search Results


Currently all searches on Google appear with the warning message “This site may harm your computer.”

Only two links pop up in a search for news on the topic [more now]: one from a site called Thaindian News, which says,

“At roughly 9:40 pm on 31st Jan 2008 (Thai time GMT +7), any search result on google.com showed the message “This site may harm your computer” for all websites including thaindian.com

We wish to reassure users that thaindian.com does not indulge in these activities and this is a goof up by Google affecting all websites.

And one from iTwire.com, which currently won’t load. Meanwhile Twitter is all over it! Is this the result of a hacking, or a glitch, or merely some formal announcement that Google is officially stepping into its role as Big Brother?

UPDATE A friend in the UK says Google is working fine there.

UPDATE Just did a search at 10:28am and the problem appears to be fixed. Slightly more info here.

UPDATE Google’s explanation.