Happy Birthday Ezzy

Oh if only we were Facebook friends with WaPo‘s Ezra Klein. But alas, we learned that it’s his birthday today on Politico‘s Playbook by Mike Allen (h/t Mike Allen, more h/ts for Politico‘s Patrick Gavin and AP‘s Phil Elliott depending on which one gave him the Ezra news) this morning. We’d be seriously remiss if we didn’t reach out and wish our biggest fan a really HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

For anyone who may not know, Ezra is Hebrew for “help.”  Nameberry.com says the name “Ezra” has a lot going for it — for instance, the “strength of its Biblical legacy” not to mention it’s “quirky sound” and “fresh but familiar feel.” The site astonishingly mentions Klein as the “young Washington Post blogger” along with a couple of other famous Ezzys. We also love that the site informs us about Ezra’s international variations. Just in case we run into him into Dubai or on the party island of Ibiza, we’ll know how to address him: Uzair (Arabic) Ezera (Hawaiian) Ezri (Israeli) Esdras (Spanish)

Here’s to you Ezzy!