Graham Norton’s Summer: Broadway Musicals and a Second Autobiography

On break from his fantastic weekly BBC-TV talk show and equally fantastic Saturday morning BBC Radio program, Graham Norton is this summer whiling it away in New York City. This past weekend for example, there was time for a couple of top-notch Broadway shows:



Ha ha. Prior to that “glitter snog,” per an item by Fiona Gribben in Ireland’s Evening Herald, Norton put the finishing touches on autobiography #2. Slated for release in October, his new book is delightfully titled The Life and Loves of a He Devil:

This time round the Cork native is writing on the theme of love, telling stories of his Irish childhood and all the things he loved about home as a young boy, as well as the new loves and obsessions of his life.

“It’s been 10 years since I last put fingertip to keyboard,” he said. “A lot has happened to me since then, but being a decade older it strikes me that what makes a life interesting is less what happens to you, but more what drives and inspires you.”

Of Norton’s previous 2005 memoir So Me, the Herald said: ‘Celebrity memoirs are rarely as genuine or as generously candid.’Tough act to follow, Mr. He Devil!

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