Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers

Quotes of the Day

“The problem for the media is there is no stained blue dress.” — The Daily Caller‘s media writer Matt Lewis on Sunday CNN’s “Reliable Sources” while discussing the sexual harassment accusations against GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain. Lewis’ remark set off a heated discussion on the program as another guest, Newsweek/Daily Beast‘s Lauren Ashburn, spoke bluntly of the sexual harassment she endured, including a boss’s boss who spoke about her “rack” in the workplace. Ashburn says the subject needs to be a national conversation, that women’s accusations must be taken seriously. She would not discuss an incident her mother experienced, saying sheepishly, “It involves underwear and it’s my mother and I really can’t do that.”

The Senate has a ‘Banging’ Committee?

“Closed captions on Meet the Press just said Chris Dodd was chairman of the Senate ‘banging’ committee. #transcriberfail” — Roll Call‘s Ryan Teague Beckwith. Beckwith has officially redeemed himself after communicating with chewy granola bars online.

Congratulations to Slate‘s John Dickerson on becoming CBS News’ new Political Director. Dickerson, who had been a CBS News Political Analyst, had rough start to his new expanded roll this weekend as GOP Presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann received an accidental email from him saying she wouldn’t get much play at the CBS/NJ debate. Dickerson remarked on Sunday, “Thanks everyone for your good wishes, support, humor and friendship over this last exciting and strange 24 hours.”

Have an issue with Weingarten? Take it up with the NYT

“Have you found that the folks who brag the most that they have deep faith and love God more than you do tend to be the ones who, like, get caught nude with a goat?” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten on faith and Christ and running for President. (At the end of his piece he noted, “If this has riled you at all, by all means write to me in care of the New York Times.)

To Gloria with hate

“Dear Gloria Allred: STFU” — The Daily Caller‘s TV reporter Jeff Poor.

Memory moves journo to tears

“Just broke down sobbing w/ family in Dubrovnik church lighting candle for Vukovar. Had not realized: 20th ann of massacre.” — NPR’s Scott Simon. The war crime — the murders of hundreds of Croatians by Serb militia —  occurred in 1991.