Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers


Fast friends: “Politico got me cornering Harry Reid in the Senate, looking very stern!” reports Human Events Senior Editor Emily Miller in a Facebook update. Politico ran the above picture of her in its Monday print edition.

Gossip journos bring Snooki pickles

“@rileywaggaman almost didn’t make it through security with those pickles!” — Wonkette‘s videographer and Capitol Hill yoga instructor Liz Glover in a Tuesday tweet on her colleague, Riley Waggaman. Glover explained to FishbowlDC, “Riley & I gave them to Snooki at the press conference. Stay tuned for the video.”

Bank on it: A future correction from TBD

“Punxsutawney Phil called for an early spring this morning. If only we could get a guarantee.” — TBD in a Wednesday morning tweet. Uh oh. Sounds like we’re gearing up for an unsurprising future correction from publication that loves corrections. They link to this AP story.

Socialite blogger says it’s ‘friends first’

“I wouldn’t have harmed him. I didn’t have anything too dangerous – actually, not even close – but with me it’s friends first, even in Washington.” — NY Social Diary‘s Carol Joynt in a column this week on quoting friends at parties.

Weingarten wants answers

“What’s with Fareed Zakaria’s face?” — WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten in a Tuesday tweet in reference to the CNN anchor.

Scribe humbled by protocol

“Am I new here? Apparently. Embarrassed to admit that I had to ask a colleague how to address an ambassador.” — WaPo‘s J. Freedom du lac in a Tuesday tweet.

Fashion critic

“Apparently I’ve taken on the sartorial beat for males, but what’s going on with @MittRomney‘s ribbed cream shirt + navy windowpane jacket?” — TPM‘s Erin McPike in a Tuesday tweet.