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Quote(s) of the Day


Meghan McCain takes whack at father’s opponent

“And I’d way to “have the biggest upset in political history” – how bout them apples?” – The Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain on her father, Sen. John McCain’s primary victory last night over J.D. Hayworth.

Race was tighter than…

“I shouldn’t RT but why not RT @MtRizza VT GOV race tighter than a doobie rolled at a Phish concert #ratherisms.”
– NBC’s Chuck Todd in a Tuesday night tweet.

Wrap your head around this…

“If I take someone at his word that he’s not dog-whistling when he says he takes Obama at his word that he’s a Christian am I sincere? #meta,” – ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper in a Tuesday tweet.

Read this five times slowwwwly

“At what point is it going to be clear that using the term ‘bigoted’ advanced dialogue just as much as *being* bigoted does?”
– The Washington Examiner‘s Associate Editor of Commentary J.P. Freire in a Tuesday tweet.