Frog Design’s Jonas Damon Transforms iPad into Retro TV

damon ipod.jpg

Everything old is new again—or rather everything new is old again. Behold Jonas Damon‘s old school take on an iPad charging dock. The cheeky hutch embraces the covetable Apple device in the wooden form of a circa-1970’s or -1980’s television, complete with cathode ray tube housing. Damon, a creative director at frog design, crafted the distinctively shaped dock for his personal use out of a fruit crate and the desire to inject some personality into the sleek tech item of the moment. “I sought to enrich the iPad with something I have an emotional connection to—the home appliances of my upbringing,” he told frog design’s Intrapreneur blog. “This lo-fidelity design language is very appealing in contrast to the gloss-black slick design trends that are currently the norm.” And if you can’t tolerate a term like “craft,” with its associations of frenzied scrapbookers and decoupage junkies, think of its as “folk industrial design”? “Every day we are seeing ordinary people adapting products like the iPad to suit their particular needs, lifestyles, and desires,” said Damon. “The lack of personality of the iPad has enabled people to create their own enclosures.”