Fox News Radio Host Gets Fed Up With Majority Whip

4cfc4ce2-1717-74fd-249a-e32c1a1c657f-fb_james_clyburn3.jpgHealth insurance is apparently not the rage these days in terms of conversation topics. Who knew?

Here’s a Fox News Radio episode of “Brian and the Judge”, where Brian Kilmeade is interviewing House Majority whip Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.). Right in the middle of the interview — you know, the good part where health insurance gets really interesting — Kilmeade shakes his head, puts his forehead in his hand and waves his arm in the air to show how bored and frustrated he is while Clyburn continues talking up his take on health insurance.

Clyburn, always among the coolest congressmen in interviews — we’re surprised he put up with it.

Watch the video here.