Founder of Roll Call, Now Hall of Famer

The Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association has announced its 2009 Hall of Fame inductees, who include the founder of Roll Call, Sid Yudain.

From the release:

Sid Yudain loved to start newspapers. It began when he and his brother produced competing newspapers at home and continued in elementary school, in junior high, at the radio station where he worked, in his Army unit and even the hospital where he was a patient.

In 1955, while working as a congressional staffer, he started Roll Call with a budget of $90. His goal was to produce a newspaper for the Capitol Hill community, and he was the editor, publisher and usually the sole reporter. Because he could not afford reporters, he printed articles submitted by members of Congress and others. Soon, the paper became a must read for non-legislative news about life on the Hill. He ran Roll Call until he sold it in 1986.

“We’ve come a long way from the one-man shop that opened in 1955, but Sid Yudain’s legacy remains a driving force behind everything we do,” wrote David Meyers, managing editor of Roll Call, in his nomination.

The Hall of Fame induction will Thursday, April 23rd at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism.

Other honorees include Bill Burton, long-time outdoors editor of the Baltimore Evening Sun and now of the Bay Weekly; Jim Flood Sr., the founder of the Dover Post and Dan Tabler, editor and columnist for the Queen Anne’s Record Observer.