Forbes To Open Site To ‘Thousands’ Of Unpaid Contributors

Let’s call it HuffFo: Under chief product officer Lewis Dvorkin, is opening up to thousands of unpaid contributors and paid editors will become curators, not creators, of content.

TechCrunch’s Paul Carr calls it “a death of a thousand hacks.”

Forbes’ David Ewalt, who was live-tweeting the meeting in which this was announced, said “A couple people asking if this is HuffPo model — my answer would be no, it’s more entrepreneurial, about developing wide swaths of talent.” He added: “Value for contributors isn’t explicitly defined yet. My own take: there will be both financial & non-financial rewards based on yr. audience.”

But it’s not HuffPo. We’ll gladly wait for more details to emerge on this plan, which should come in a few weeks.