For the Love Of…Sexual Architecture Obsessions


Possibly the oddest story we’ve ever read, along with one of the more unusual accompanying photos we’ve ever seen, comes to us by way of Archinect, who points us to Der Spiegel‘s story, “Falling In Love with Things,” which is about a small group of peoples’ sexual and highly personal obsessions with object, including the aforementioned photographed-woman’s desire for the Twin Towers in NY. She loves the former structures, but not simply from an appreciative standpoint, but loves them like a spouse, as she has since she was eight years old. And concerning the love of specific objects, she’s not alone. It’s a really interesting story and not the slightest bit ordinary. Here’s some:

On Sept. 11, 2001, Berlin resident Sandy K.’s beloved was publicly executed on the streets of New York. The scenes and dates of the two crimes may be far apart, but what unites the two women is a strange and obscure obsession.

Back in 1979, Eklof tied the knot with the Berlin Wall and legally changed her name to mark the occasion (“Mauer” means “Wall” in German). Ever since she was eight years old, Sandy K. was hopelessly in love with New York’s Twin Towers. Neither of these two monumental lovers were known for being particularly talkative. Nor did they seem to be blessed with qualities of seduction. But to their admirers, the buildings were male, sexy and extremely desirable.