For New Site Hironomy, Think LinkedIn Meets eHarmony

rosesNew site alert! This one piqued our interest. LinkedIn, eHarmony and a recruiter walk into a bar…

Okay, we’re getting punchy again here in MediaJobsDaily land! The co-founder of new recruiting site Hironomy envisions his company as LinkedIn and eHarmony. Here’s why: The site aims match candidates based on their cultural fit, behavioral aptitudes and cognitive aptitudes.

The site looks at candidates to see whether they match a job, a team and an organization. The ultimate scenario, “the Hironomous fit” occurs when “job seekers are presented with opportunities to work for a company that shares their values, values their talent & ambitions and offers them with opportunities to grow professionally.”

And considering organizations hire and engage candidates to share their corporate values, per their site that’s “a win-win scenario and the equilibrium we are trying to achieve.”

The Montreal-based company currently has four employees and has enough cash to get through short-term objectives. Apparently, according to recruiting forum ERE, they’re in final discussions with an airline industry employer, an e-learning company and an IT staffing agency.