Font-astic (the Sequel continues)

Font-astic (the Sequel continues)

57405.jpgAs I was saying earlier, I got an IM late last night from Stephen pointing me to some interesting comments on Print Magazine‘s recent redesign by Abbott Miller of Pentagram.
The first pointer was to blogger Cristian Paul’s response of “dizzying pain” (!) when he received the current issue. Cristian writes:

Whoa, wtf is this, a Russian underground knock-off of my American design magazine? What about the Colors-like cover photo? Why is it so thin? Looks like airport read. Under the new logo I’ve got this “Design Culture Type” thing! What does it mean? Where is my “America’s Graphic Design Magazine”, a? Oh, God, have mercy, these people just shattered my youth’s sweetest memories.

[Ed. note: Ah, the sweet hyperbole of youthful indignation!]

On the pro side, we have graphic designer Rob Mizell weighing in at the Typophile forums*. The entire thread is a good read – there’s lots of insightful analysis, both pro and con, about the choice of Gotham Rounded Book, Medium & Light a new set of typefaces from Hoefler & Frere-Jones.

*This is also where I got the scan from the redesigned issue, pictured here.