Five Ways to Leverage Social Media For Your Job Search

Sure, by now we know the importance of building our own brand online. According to a piece in The Herald News, there are several ways to set yourself apart from the pack on the Web.

1. Become an expert. The piece suggests blogging on sites like WordPress and then of course, promoting your blog on Twitter and other social media sites.

2. Be strategic with your photos. In the piece, John Theriault writes, “A recent study found that recruiters spend 19% of their time on a LinkedIn profile looking at the picture. So, no silly photos, no wedding dresses, no pictures of you and the dog! People will judge you negatively. Get a good professional digital “headshot” photo and use that instead. It’s worth it!”

3. Build an About Me page. This one sounds self-explanatory but Theriault recommends, a free site to include more information for self-promotion. His one key take away? Keep the photo and overall feel of the page professional.

4. Google yourself. Doing your own online check can help you instantly see what potential employers see when they Google you, too! You can also use this quick self-check to see if your Facebook page that you thought was private is really private.

5. Leverage key words. Are you using the right key words to promote your skills and work experience? Be consistent with key words on your own site, your blog, About Me page, and social media sites.