Find the ‘Story in the Science’ for Discover

Narrative continues its reign.

DiscoverThe dominance of narrative is everywhere, even in the sciences. Pitch science pub Discover if you can take a study or new findings in the fields of archaeology, astronomy and medicine and transform straight information into a story–one that senior editor Becky Lang hopes has “an edgy feel.”

While many magazines close off their columns to staff or freelancers with whom the magazine has a steady contractual agreement, most of Discover’s columns are ripe for the pitching, including:

Regular columns “Big Idea,” spotlighting new or surprising theories and findings; “Mind Over Matter,” exploring the workings of the human mind; “Notes From Earth,” covering earth science, archaeology and ecology; and “Origin Story,” challenging conventional wisdom about human and cultural evolution. The magazine’s newest column, “History Lesson,” covers forgotten, weird and interesting stories from the history of science, and can be a lighter, entertaining read.

For more, including editors’ contact info, read How To Pitch: Discover

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