Feist to Bureau: “CNN Senior Mgt. Behind JK USA”

Earlier today, CNN’s Sam Feist held his first staff briefing since accepting the position of Washington bureau chief for the network.  Insiders tell FishbowlDC that Feist applauded his team’s poise under pressure during last week’s blackout which left both CNN and CQ Roll Call without power.

“If we can do what we do when the electricity if off…just imagine what we’re capable of doing when the power is on,” he gushed.

Feist gave special praise to Dana Bash for breaking news on Weinergate and shared astonishment that Wolf Blitzer never broke a sweat on air, despite being forced to broadcast from outdoors during the blackout. But in addition to the warm fuzzies, Feist took the opportunity to address the future of  “John King, USA.”

Referring to Page Six’s yearlong campaign against King and the show, Feist told his team, “I want to put a rumor to rest.  Senior management is behind ‘John King, USA.'”  “The rumors are false and have always been false,” he added.

Before adjourning, Feist gifted the staff flashlight key chains that read “I Survived the CNN DC Blackout 2011.”

*Photo of Feist tweeted by @WolfBlitzerCNN: Congrats to new CNN DC bureau chief @SamFeistCNN briefing staff. Very good start.