FBLA Got an Interview With Sarah Palin and So Can You

It used to be a problem that reporters and others in the liberal media elite were being refused access to Republican Veep Candidate Sarah Palin. They even gave Maureen Dowd the boot.

But now there’s InterviewPalin.com. Where you can ask basic broad questions and instead of coherency get a Sarah Palin answer. You can even re-ask the question (for clarity) and get yet another Sarah Palin answer. Such as:

Q: Why should the US elect Senator McCain?

A: John McCain has a great plan to get caught up in this nation, at this time. It is that we expect of them. But here again, government has got to stop. Spending that, investing that, not using the prudence that we send those out to make sure that this happens. We’ve got to get caught up in this evil, in this mission of keeping our eye on Russia. And, you’re in Alaska. We have trade missions back and forth. We we do it’s very important when you consider even national security issues. Let me speak specifically about a credential that I just gave you.

Perfect! Remember when she invited people to a game of Stump the Candidate? Who knew how fun that game actually is.