Fact-Checking Gets Peachy

peaches.jpg PolitiFact, the Washington D.C.-based fact-checking company keeping ABC “This Week” guests honest each week, is moving into the peach state of Georgia.

“Our goal is that every politician in America should have to face the Truth-O-Meter,” said Bill Adair, PolitiFact Editor and Washington Bureau Chief of the St. Petersburg Times.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has launched PolitiFact Georgia this week. The Georgia site zones in on 2010 campaign, particularly gubernatorial and Senate races.

Read more about PolitiFact moving into Georgia here.

Each week PolitiFact, a project of the St. Petersburg Times, posts its findings on “This Week” and PolitiFact websites. Even HuffPost‘s Arianna Huffington appreciates it and gave it a shout-out on Sunday’s “This Week” roundtable during an argument on Halliburton with former state department official Liz Cheney. “OK, I’m so glad Politifact is going to be checking this,” Huffingtons said on air.