ET, Go Home!

So who wins the “D-bag du Jour” award for WHCA Dinner?

Couric, Rahm Emanuel and D-bag cameraman

This cameraman from Entertainment Tonight who crashed the CBS pre-party in search of Katie Couric and Chelsea Handler. After shoving passed guests as if they were somehow in the wrong for being there, he spun his camera around for the money shot, knocking into drinks and spilling a cocktail down the tuxedo of Jeff Witjas, longtime agent and manager of Betty White.

When the cameraman felt the drinks splash off the ground, he barked “Hey! what’s going on back there!?” and then chuckled to himself. He never apologized and was finally escorted out by a CBS News staffer.

Hey D-bag, I’ll tell you what was “going on back there.” You were winning my “D-bag du Jour” award and I was snapping your picture. If you know this cameraman, send him my congrats.

katie chelsea holder.jpg
ET targets, Katie Couric and Chelsea Handler with Attorney General Eric Holder.