ESPN Channel Debuts on Bebo

NEW YORK ESPN will serve up game highlights and content from popular shows like SportsCenter via a branded content channel on social networking site Bebo.

“Syndicating our content with them [Bebo] allows us to offer new benefits to fans and advertisers — giving fans more access to our content and giving our advertisers access to a broader audience,” said Matt Murphy, svp, digital distribution at ESPN in Bristol, Conn.

“Bebo Open Media presents a legitimate way for our users to explore and experience content on the Internet, presenting it within their personal profiles and virally distributing it throughout their ‘friends network’ and the wider Bebo community,” said David Aufhauser, director of Bebo’s digital media and business development.

Bebo launched its Open Media platform in 2007, allowing content companies to distribute media via their own ad-supported media players.

CBS, MTV Networks and Next New Networks also have Bebo channels.