E&P Staffers Prepare To Vacate Offices This Week

epOct09.jpgAlthough he had been holding out hope that some angel buyer would step forward to save the day, Editor & Publisher editor Greg Mitchell admitted in a blog post yesterday that no such deal has been reached. As a result, the newspaper industry trade’s staffers are preparing to exit their Astor Place offices by Thursday, having already completed and sent their final issue to press. Wrote Mitchell:

“Indeed, there has been a lot of interest but no firm news to report as yet. We are scheduled to vacate and shut down for good by the end of Thursday if nothing materializes, though of course E&P could always be brought back a bit later.”

But, prior to wrapping up, E&P managed to eek out one last milestone. By completing its final issue, dated January 2010, the pub made it into its 126th year of publication.

Like Mitchell, we’re hopeful someone will come along to save E&P, but if not, it will be missed.

E&P Enters What May Be Its Final Week After 125 Years –Huffington Post

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