Ed Pound Joins National Journal


(Photo Credit: Liz Lynch)

From Charlie Green:

    Some very good news: Ed Pound, one of Washington’s most accomplished investigative reporters, will be joining National Journal as a staff correspondent on June 25. Currently the investigative editor of U.S. News & World Report, Ed previously worked for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, among other publications.

    At U.S. News, Ed has worked both as a reporter and an editor. For two years, he directed a 10-member, prize-winning investigative team responsible for stories on a variety of subjects, including public corruption, government secrecy, the military, intelligence, terrorism, and sports. He has worked in Washington since 1977, beginning his career here at The Washington Star. Ed is also chairman of the Fund for Investigative Journalism, which provides grants to freelance reporters.

    Ed is known for his versatility as an investigative reporter, uncovering scandals in a variety of areas. After working as a journalist in Chicago, Ed joined The Washington Star in 1977, and his stories resulted in the Senate condemnation of Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge. In his career, Ed has uncovered questionable or corrupt activities involving other senators and congressmen, and officials in the executive branch.

    He has reported extensively on many of the major Washington scandals of the past three decades. At The Wall Street Journal, he co-authored a groundbreaking series on Israel’s theft of U.S. technology. He also uncovered the misuse of funds by two dictators, Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines and Mobuto Sese Seko of Zaire. At USA Today, his stories on Labor Secretary Alexis Herman prompted the appointment of an independent counsel to investigate her conduct. His stories on abuses in the issuance of security clearances at the Defense Department spurred legislative reforms. He also directed a team of reporters covering the Monica Lewinsky and Democratic fund-raising scandals.

    At U.S. News, Ed has written exposes on the military justice system, sports scams, and intelligence. He also was a key reporter in the magazine’s coverage of 9/11 and its aftermath. In November 2004, he wrote an exclusive cover story on Iran’s involvement in Iraq, based on thousands of classified documents. He was the first reporter to uncover the Taguba annexes–the classified assessments that served as the basis for Army General Antonio Taguba’s searing report on Abu Ghraib prison.

    Ed’s journalism awards include sharing in a National Headliner Award and being selected as a finalist for a Pulitzer Prize.