Economist Group Unveils Its New Ideas People Channel

The Economist Group debuted its new “Ideas People Channel” this morning during a presentation in midtown. The channel, an online ad network, is launching with nearly thirty publishers highlighted by readers as their favorite destinations for news and information. It is designed to help advertisers reach an audience of Ideas People, or “individuals who are intellectually curious, opinionated, influential and passionate about Business, Globalization (politics, policy & current events), Innovation (science & technology) and Culture.”

Research indicates there are 21 million of these Ideas People in the United State, with The Economist being only one of the destinations that attracts and speaks to them.

Members of the channel are specially selected and each of the member sites is a destination for “global analysis, intelligent discussion and debate,” where Ideas People tend to gather.

Stephane Pere, the vice president of the Channel, explained its specific definition of what exactly an audience is:

Audience is qualified by the content that attracts people of a specific mindset. It’s a fallacy to believe that you can buy audience with technology. Cookies are not readers; editorial environment is key. It’s ‘back to common sense’ media planning.