Dufour Signs Out

Jeff Dufour penned his last Yeas & Nays column Friday before moving on to Urban Daddy, where he’ll be the new Washington editor. One of his two Examiner replacements starts today- Tara Palmeri- and her partner in gossip Nikki Schwab will officially join the column October 12th.


By: Jeff Dufour

Examiner Columnist 09/25/09 2:19 PM EDT

This post is my last under the Yeas & Nays byline. It’s been a great ride over the last three years. Thanks to everyone for your tips, quotes and comments. And above all, thanks for reading!

Over the next two weeks, two new Yeas & Nays columnists, Nikki Schwab and Tara Palmeri, will be starting. They’re going to do great, so please check back and see what they have to report.

All the best,

Jeff Dufour