Does Tim Not Like Chris?

From Ana Marie Cox:

    But today the Washington insiders at the trial learned something too: that Tim Russert hates Chris Matthews. It was the talk of the elevator as soon as the court recessed for lunch. This nugget of information will not play an especially large role in the trial, but I suspect it will make cocktail conversation afterwards a little more interesting, and of course, it shines a bit more unflattering light onto the deal-making and string-pulling that go into producing what some still quaintly call “news.”

    Russert’s presumed distaste for Matthews (so difficult not to speculate on its cause! Is it stylistic? Does someone hog the newsroom donuts?) came up in reference to the prosecution presenting notes taken by Libby during a conversation with former vice president aide Mary Matalin. She “has a colorful way of speaking” (something the press corps does know), and in the course of advising Libby on how to deal with the “Wilson issue,” and in particular Matthew’s attacks on the vice president, she advised Libby to call Russert to complain and she told Libby that Russert would have an especially sympathetic ear: “Call Tim. He hates Chris – he needs to know it all.”