Does Hawking Reeboks Hurt Erin Andrews’ Journalistic Credibility?

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews recently signed with Reebok to endorse a new line by the sneaker company. That struck Allan Brettman of The Oregonian as something of an ethics breach, especially given that Andrews had recently disparaged Nike sneakers during an on-air report:

Andrews worked as a sideline reporter during the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, covering the game between Texas Christian University and the University of Wisconsin. Andrews reported that TCU players were having problems slipping on the Rose Bowl turf because of new Nike shoes they were wearing. She went on to say that TCU did not have backup cleats.

A pic from the Reebok campaign shoot, taken in LA earlier this month:

Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute also sees an ethical dilemma in Andrew’s Reebok gig, writing:

Journalists can review products. But they can’t take money from a company to endorse them. That totally ruins their credibility… think about any type of journalist, like a tech reporter or health reporter. If those reporters were getting paid to endorse mp3 players or cholesterol drugs, no one in the audience would trust their judgment, because their independence would be compromised.

Your FishbowlLA editors are big fans of Andrews for 1. Making a name for herself in the male-dominated world of sports reporting and 2. Standing up to her stalker and demanding justice. So we don’t exactly enjoy bagging on her for selling shoes, as lame as we think that is.

Maybe she’ll donate some of her endorsement money to victims of sexual assault?

Hat tip Romenesko