Dobbs’ 60 Minutes Interview Reaches New, Awkward Extreme

Some fallout over 60 Minutes‘ bizarre interview with Lou Dobbs on Sunday. Quick background in case you missed it: Leslie Stahl went after Dobbs on a factual error about the number of cases of leprosy in the past three years, which Dobbs’ correspondent Christine Romans reported as 7,000. When Stahl told Dobbs this was actually the number over the past 30 years, this was his response:

DOBBS: “Well, I can tell you this. If we reported it, it’s a fact.”

STAHL: “You can’t tell me that. You did report it.”

DOBBS: “I just did.”

STAHL: “How can you guarantee that to me?”

DOBBS: “Because I’m the managing editor. And that’s the way we do business. We don’t make up numbers, Lesley.”

It got even weirder. TVNewser points out the awkwardness of Stahl having to report that Dobbs now works for CBS: “While we were talking to Dobbs, unbeknownst to us, he was talking to CBS News and has now joined The Early Show as a weekly commentator.”

CBS Public Eye notes the irony of Stahl questioning the anchor’s journalistic credentials: “Dobbs scoffs at suggestions that his advocacy tarnishes his credentials as a journalist.”

CNN, for its part, has Dobbs’ back.