Dig In While the Dirt is Fresh


The buzz surrounding curretnt writer, former ad-person, Jennifer Solow, is apt to keep growing, now that her book, “The Booster,” is coming out. By all accounts, it’s one of those thinly-veiled-as-fiction type of books. In this case, the dirt is dished all over the place within the New York ad world, but set at whatever the fictional version of Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners’ office is (there are certainly enough letters in there to form some sort of interesting anagram, such as “Barmaid Bonnets Pre-Shrunk”). Not only did Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritche film a segment there, it’s the firm Solow worked at until four years ago, when she left to start writing. But even though it keeps to its setting, like anything in the ad and design world, if you work somewhere, you’re apt to know everyone else who ever worked anywhere at any time, so the book surely will make its rounds. Would be interesting for anyone who either works in the industry in NY, is moving there and might pick up a few things, or like those of us in Chicago, where things are sane, reaffirm that we made the right decision by staying put in flyover country. Here’s a little paragraph from the first three chapters available on Solow’s site:

Jillian Siegel likes to shoplift at least once a day. It is not a crime as she sees it; it is her birthright. Her spoils needn’t be as tall as a Louboutin boot or as wide as an Hermès scarf, often the tiniest trifle will do. Just the act of closing a fist and releasing it again into a pocket, feeling the blush of her cheek as the fresh treasure is absorbed, knowing the thing, the coveted thing, is now owned and cherished, is enough.