Deadspin Adopts New Format, Readers Understandably Go Nuts

Deadspin has flipped over to the Kinja format, and its readers are not happy about it. Kinja, according to Deadpin’s editor, Tommy Craggs, “break[s] down the wall between readers and writers” by essentially asking readers to create their own blogs using the platform, which Deadspin could use as well:

Your blog will look like any other in the Kinjaverse, including ours. As I say, you’ll have access to all the same tools, which include fun new toys like image annotation (more on which later). Any Kinja user can follow you. With the push of a button, you can republish stories from our site; we’ll likewise be able to republish stories from yours. Some of you may have some (justifiable) proprietary concerns about this arrangement. Don’t worry: You’ll get the byline, the credit, and the traffic.

In other words, Deadspin gets to mine readers’ creations and enjoy the traffic that rolls in and readers get to… Blog. You can see why Deadspin’s readers are a little annoyed. As one commenter explained, “If you use our stuff, we don’t get paid.” Craggs is quick to point out that “for now” republishing is only a link and a bit of text, but the countdown until Deadspin uses bloggers’ entire posts has officially begun.

The new commenting system has also drawn heavy criticism. The format reduces comments to a slideshow, which is something Deadspin has attacked in the past. Again, readers voiced their annoyance:

Everything about this ‘upgrade’ sucks but the new comments are seriously the worst implementation of a comment system I’ve ever seen. I’m vaguely curious as to how many other people are complaining about this, but fuck if I’m going to click 40 times to get to the end of the comments.

Essentially what is happening with Kinja is the Gawker Media empire is becoming more like The Huffington Post and Bleacher Report. We’re sure Craggs and the others at Gawker don’t want to hear that, but hey, if that’s what will make them the most money, have at it.

Craggs once told FishbowlNY that comparing Deadspin to Bleacher Report was “Fucking stupid.” Now that Deadspin is going to gain from unpaid readers’ blogs and has turned comments into a slideshow, it appears being stupid is one of the smartest thing we’ve done.