Today’s Faux Media Controversy: Dakota Fanning on the Cover of Cosmopolitan

Actress Dakota Fanning will celebrate her eighteenth birthday on February 23rd, several weeks after that month’s issue’s of Cosmopolitan hits newsstands. Which is enough to inflame some media critics, who feel that a dolled up picture of a 17-year-old should not share cover space with saucy, sex-tip article teases.

FishbowlLA prefers to side with’s Amelia McDonnell-Parry. She tells columnist Hollie McKay that the Fanning piece is likely of a different stripe:

“I’m generally not all that worked up about the still-17-year-old actress appearing on the cover of Cosmopolitan,” said McDonell-Parry. “Generally the actor-actress interviews in Cosmo are nothing more than puff pieces accompanied by cheeky Q&As, not all that different from the type of questions Fanning would get from Teen Vogue.”

McDonnell-Parry does express some displeasure over a picture inside the magazine of Fanning in Playboy-like bunny ears. But that snap arguably has as much, if not more, to do with the actress’ handlers allowing her to be photographed in such a manner.

Fanning is no stranger to this type of overheated controversy. At the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, the actress found herself in the middle of an outcry because of a rape scene in the indie drama Hounddog. Even though the sequence turned out to show her only from the shoulders up.