Daily Caller Executive Editor to Daily Mail

The Daily Caller‘s controversial Executive Editor David Martosko is leaving to be the U.S. Political Editor for the Daily Mail. He’s off to London for training. Soon he’ll open the Washington office of the largest news outlet in the world.

Editor-in-Chief Tucker Carlson sent word out today to staff.

Martosko has written several of the prostitute-related pieces surrounding Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) as of late. The latest of which involved a woman they called “Beth”, a woman who was interviewed in person by The Daily Caller.

While the development is a huge mark of success for Martosko, recent weeks and months haven’t been so promising for Martosko inside The Daily Caller. The staff long grumbled about his management style, which they found annoying. Interns often didn’t want to be alone with him and complained about him. No specific bad behavior was told to FishbowlDC, just a general feeling that they didn’t want to be alone with him.

Martosko, meanwhile, has been searching for a new job as management has been internally weighing possibilities of a new editor to help run the newsroom. He arrived at the paper 20 months ago with a long rap sheet and little to no journalism experience when the publication’s Executive Editor left to live abroad.

Congratulations to Martosko.

UPDATE from Martosko: “I’m truly excited about joining The Daily Mail. It’s the biggest newspaper website in the world, and every click is hard-earned and well-deserved. That said, I’ll miss The Daily Caller. It’s bursting with first-rate talent, and Tucker Carlson has been a fantastic guy to work with. I highly recommend a career at The Daily Caller, but only for journalists who don’t have many sacred cows, don’t take themselves too seriously, and don’t mind an occasional hail of arrows fom the cheap seats outside our newsroom.”

UPDATE #2: Despite numerous and persistent reports to the contrary over the course of the past month from inside The Daily Caller, Publicist Nicole Roeberg has insisted that we add a statement she sent late in the day. See it after the jump.

See the internal memo…a lovely sendoff from Carlson…From: Tucker Carlson

It’s usually with a mixture of sadness and pride that we announce the departure of employees moving on new things, and never more so than today. In a few weeks David Martosko will become the US political editor of the Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail is the largest news site in the world, and as far as I’m concerned deserves to be. They run a brilliant mix of high and low content that somehow connects directly with the brain stems of its readers, bringing them back to the site reflexively, like crack-addicted chimps. That’s its effect on me anyway. David will be a great success there, I’m convinced. After an orientation in London, he’ll be opening the paper’s Washington office.

David first came The Daily Caller in March of 2011, almost exactly 20 months ago. We’ve experienced exponential growth since then of course, but we’ve also become  more professional and infinitely better organized, both directly attributable to David. He is a tireless worker, an animal, the sort of person who’s likely to email literally at any hour, and also, to my happy surprise, a dogged and genuinely talented reporter, who has given all of us useful lessons on internet-assisted research. David has given us a lot, and Neil and I are grateful for it.

We’re also proud that he is moving to such an impressive place at a such high level. David’s last day here is March 15th. I know you’ll congratulate him as heartily as I have.


A Bold Statement From Daily Caller Publicist Nicole Roeberg: “No intern has ever complained to management about being uncomfortable around David. In fact, many interns, both male and female, have appreciated David’s willingness to mentor them on stories and have often sought out his guidance. We treat our interns with the same respect as employees and would immediately address any complaint of that nature. None has ever been received.”