D. Shuster Not in Cable Bad Boy Prison


Suspended MSNBCer David Shuster junkies can relax a little. We’ve found him, albeit in a most unexpected place – at IAmATVJunkie.com.

Thanks go largely to Joe Bua, who writes the cable TV site, and managed to smoke Shuster out of hiding. Bua wrote in an initial post, “Five months and six days. Exiled. Not a word since April 6…Even on Twitter Shuster has been under lockdown…” Bua closed his ploy by writing, “If you’ve seen David Shuster, even at a Starbucks ordering his, I dunno, iced venti soy hazelnut quad mocha, snap a pic with your phone and send it this way.”

Well, guess who responded? D. Shuster himself – in the photographic flesh. The TV journo sent in a picture of himself and explained his whereabouts…He says he’s not at any kind of “black site” (meaning military protected; can refer to CIA-controlled entities) or “cable news bad boy prison.” See Shuster’s picture and read his full letter after the jump…

Bua tells FishbowlDC he doesn’t think himself heroic for luring D. Shuster out of hibernation: “I was really just filling space on my blog (my personal blog, albeit only about TV … I bore easily) and never expected for a moment that he would respond.

Today I’m writing to Jesus, to see what he does to get those bitchin’ abs. Think he’ll respond, too?”


Note from D. Shuster:

Joe, thanks for your concern. No worries, I am not at any kind of black site or cable news bad boy prison. To prove it, I took this photo at my desk at home in front of your web site (a friend was highly amused and brought your fears to my attention.).

I am still under contract at msnbc and remain obligated not to say much more than that. However, my life beyond work has been very busy and fulfilling since April with grad school classes, volunteer work/projects, extensive travel, and time with family and friends. The bottom line is that nobody needs to worry about me.

If you have questions or concerns about msnbc, please direct them to msnbc. Thanks again. Best wishes, David S.