Cuts May Be Lessened At Bay Area News Group

The Bay Area News Group had announced in August that 11 local papers would become two regional papers and 120 employees, or about 8 percent of total staff, would lose their jobs.

An outcry in Oakland, Calif.&#151whose Oakland Tribune had been slated to merge with four other papers to become the East Bay Tribune—has management rethinking that plan, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The consolidation plan angered many Oakland residents, who considered it yet another slight to their oft-maligned city…’When I’m out in the community, people have sort of lamented that – they love to see Oakland in the masthead,'” Oakland Tribune Editor Martin Reynolds said.

Bay Area News Group president Mac Tully said that in response to the feedback, “[w]e probably will make some adjustments.” But whether that means the layoffs will still happen is unclear.

“I’m sure we’ll still have a staffing reduction, but we will strive to minimize the cuts to the people on the ground gathering news,” Tully told the Chronicle.