CQ & Roll Call to Shack Up Together

CQ and Roll Call are finally taking their relationship to the next level – the two organizations are moving in together.  In a memo to staff, CQ-Roll Call Managing Director Laurie Battaglia annonced that she has signed a lease at 77K St. NE where both publications will live happily together under one roof.  Battaglia said that the move “signifies The Economist Group’s commitment to CQ-Roll Call.” 

The move will happen in phases beginning in November and ending around Easter of 2011.  See the full memo after the jump. 

“Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that we have signed the lease for the new CQ-Roll Call Group headquarters, located at 77 K Street, NE. This is a significant step in the evolution of CQ-Roll Call. Bringing all of our employees under a single roof will allow us to work more efficiently and in turn, provide more value to our clients.

As you know, the new building is in the heart of the NOMA business community. Over the past few years, NOMA has undergone substantial commercial development. The proximity to Congress and Union Station makes this location ideal. It provides great access to Metro, MARC and VRE.  Parking is available in the area, and the clean safety record has made NOMA a desirable place to do business. This location is at the heart of where Capitol Hill and NOMA meet, and this is a really exciting time to join this vibrant emerging community!

Moving to 77K also underscores our commitment to Capitol Hill, keeping us close to the markets we serve and cover. None of our competitors can boast that they are physically part of the Capitol Hill community. This is, and has always been, core to our mission and an important component of who we are.

This move also signifies The Economist Group’s commitment to CQ-Roll Call. Andrew Rashbass and the Board firmly believe in the value of what we do and see our company as an extremely valuable part of  the Group. They know that being in the same location will facilitate the growth of the company at large and professional growth for CQ-Roll Call employees.

This move will be executed in phases. The Roll Call Editorial team will be the first to move in late November. The rest of the team currently on the 7th floor at F Street will move to the 1st floor of F Street at that time. The rest of the F Street team will move to the new building by March 31st. The vast majority of the 22nd Street team will move to the new location during the Easter recess in late April 2011. Each department head will be in touch with their teams as we get closer to the move dates for the individual departments. We know that you will need more details to ensure a smooth transition, and all of those details will be provided. 

I want to thank everyone for your hard work and dedication over the past year. As we make this transition, I continue to have more confidence than ever in CQ-Roll Call and our mission. That is because I have full faith in you, the people who make us the only company that gives clients essential inside intelligence and the power to act on it, directly from the grassroots to the halls of power. And what better way to strengthen the value we provide our customers than by working more closely together, facilitating greater internal communication and sharing one address.

 As always, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns you may have at this time.

 Best regards,