Copley News Service Shuts Down

From Seth Hettena:

    One year later, things have changed. [Marcus] Stern has decided to leave his job after nearly a quarter-century in Washington with Copley News Service. (Copley News Service and the Union-Tribune are owned by Copley Press Inc. of San Diego.) Also on the way out is Jerry Kammer, who the Pulitzer Prize Committee singled out for praise in the Cunningham story along with Stern. Kammer’s hard-hitting December 2005 investigation of the close ties between Rep. Jerry Lewis and lobbyist and former Rep. Bill Lowery is credited with sparking a separate federal investigation that is still underway. (Stern and Kammer wrote a book about the Cunningham case, and, in the interest of full disclosure, so did I.) The two Pulitzer winners will both be accepting severance packages even as their stories continue to resonate.

    Copley News Service’s Washington bureau began the year with a staff of 10. It will end it with three or four (the final numbers were still being worked out), and they will be absorbed by the Union-Tribune. Mexico City correspondent Lynne Walker, a Pulitzer finalist, will also join the Union-Tribune staff, as will the two-person bureau in Sacramento. The Los Angeles bureau of Copley is closing down altogether. The news syndicate part of the business will continue, but what else will remain of Copley News Service isn’t clear.

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