Contently, Marketplace for Freelance Journalists, Secures $2 Million in Funding

To continue the conversation about media startups receiving funding, next up: Contently.

The company, started in 2010 as an open marketplace for writers and publishers, has raised$2 million in funding. According to Ad Age, Lightbank, founded by two early Groupon investors, led the round that included additional investors.

Co-founder Shane Snow told Ad Age that the early vision for Contently was to be “the freelancing software marketing arm of The New York Times.”  He added, “I was hoping to save journalism or something.” But as the article notes, the company has changed directions and now focuses on helping brands like American Express, LinkedIn and Best Buy secure content via its writer marketplace versus connecting writers with traditional media companies. Apparently the demand for content is higher for brands.

“The promise for the journalists now isn’t ‘Hey, you can write for The New York Times,’ it’s ‘Hey, you can write for AmEx,'” Snow said. “Not as glamorous, but it often pays better.”