Condé Employees Start To Worry

4timessquare.jpgWe’ve been full of Condé Nast news this week, from the hiring of McKinsey to the revamping of it’s men’s fashion Web sites and declining September ad pages. Put all that news together and Condé is a pretty scary place to work. Well, more scary than usual, that is. (Speaking from experience as a former Condé staffer, 4 Times Square has always had an aura of intimidation, even after you’re hired to work there.)

Today, the New York Observer reports that following all the recent news this week, Condé Nast-ers have finally started to shake in their boots. Apparently, the closures of multiple titles and 5 percent cuts across the board last year were not enough to worry these old media staffers, but the McKinsey threat has pushed them over the edge.

“It’s terrifying! It freaked me out!” one employee told the Observer about the memo sent by CEO Chuck Townsend on Monday. “Is this part of a McKinsey thing to do that? You know, a must-alert-all employees thing? They never do this! This isn’t a company that does a lot of internal communications.”

If you’re a Condé Nast staffer experiencing some fear and doubt, tell us your stories below or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

(Photo from Flickr)