Color Me Good


We’re suckers for color and nobody does it better than AdamsMorioka, who successfully achieve levels of fluorescent pink that would give most designers heartburn. Their latest book, with Terry Lee Stone, is the Color Design Workbook, a joyous celebration of hues and how they work. Described as “part reference and part inspiration,” the Color Design Workbook steps beyond theory and gives some true practical advice for using color to your professional advantage.

Like their Logo Design Workbook before, Stone and AdamsMorioka give ten rules and tons of case studies from designers they admire. The result is a handy guide to browse when you’re wondering if that shade of cerulean will truly make someone swoon.

The lovely Terry Lee Stone tells us a bit more about why we need this book:

“Color is a uniquely emotional language and a symbolic resonant tool for all designers. Color is essential to affecting a reaction, and a lot of interesting people have spent a great deal of time thinking about the subject. This book puts a lot of that information all in one place, and presents it specifically for designers.”