CNN’s Burnett Nails Clinton (So to Speak)

Someone over at CNN has a wicked sense of humor. CNN’s Erin Burnett show captured former President Bill Clinton to a tee Thursday night with the above picture and chyron. “Self explanatory,” mused a FishbowlDC reader, who sent it to us.

Burnett interviewed Clinton in Kigali, Rwanda. It was a stop in Clinton’s one-week Africa tour to visit various Clinton Foundation projects. In this segment, Burnett and the former President visit a soy factory, which is part of the Foundation’s efforts to enable sustainable development for families.

Burnett asks Clinton about Chelsea and Hillary in the interview, which makes literal sense with the above chyron. She asks the expected question about the pleasure of getting to travel with his daughter. And then she asks more personal questions about what life will be like with Hillary after she’s no longer Secretary of State:

Burnett: Well, she’s gone all the time, you’re gone all the time. Soon she’s gonna be home a lot, you’re both gonna be home a lot. That’s a big transition in any marriage. (LAUGH) But let me ask you this question. Do you think that —

Clinton: Yes, I’ll be bored — she’ll be bored with me.

Burnett: [LAUGH] Do you have a big vacation or surprise planned for her when she’s done this fall?

Clinton: Well actually I haven’t made a surprise. We do get — we’re takin’ two weeks in August and our family’s goin’ out to Long Island and we’re gonna bring our relatives in and our friends in and just veg out. But when she gets out I want her to go climb Mount Kilimanjaro with me. And I’m working on that.