CNN’s Amanpour Tells Colleagues: I’ve Been Offered ABC Job

aman.jpg CNN’s Christiane Amanpour is telling her CNN colleagues that ABC News has offered her the job of “This Week” host and she is telling people that she might take it. As of this moment she is declaring a 50-50 chance that she’s going to accept the offer.

Amanpour said she wants to make “This Week” more about foreign affairs and less focused on domestic American politics. If she takes the job, her desire is to do a number of shows each year outside the country. If she takes the post, sources say this would be a complete remaking on the show, a program much more focused on international affairs. What’s more, Amanpour is telling colleagues that she does not wish to move to Washington, D.C., that she’d prefer to remain in New York and travel for the job should she decide to take it.

Amanpour is currently host of “Amanpour,” which airs on Sunday afternoons.

ABC spokeswoman Emily Lenzner said: “A lot has been written and said about ‘This Week’. We will announce something when we have something to announce.”

A CNN spokesperson declined to comment. If either network provides further information later today we’ll be sure to print it. Stay tuned…