CNN Scores With Sunday Debate

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    CNN Delivers Most-Watched Presidential Debate of the Season

    CNN’s Democratic Presidential Debate on Sunday, June 3, averaged 2.8 million total viewers – – more than any other presidential debate of this election season.

    The CNN debate, co-hosted by WMUR-TV and the New Hampshire Union Leader, aired on Sunday, June 3 from 7-9pm ET. The Republican Presidential Debate airs tonight from 7-9pm ET.

    CNN 6/3/07 New Hampshire Democratic Debate – 2,783k total viewers

    Fox News 5/15/07 South Carolina Republican Debate – 2,551k total viewers

    MSNBC 4/26/07 South Carolina Democratic Debate – 2,261k total viewers

    MSNBC 5/3/07 South Carolina Republican Debate – 1,762k total viewers