Celebrity Circus Has Opened Our Eyes to the Lameness of the Competition Genre

celeb_full.jpgFor us, the first thing that Celebrity Circus did was jump the shark…er trapeze over it or something. We, like Mark Graham over at Defamer, were looking forward to the spectacular 80’s version of Celebrity Circus where current TV stars put their lives in peril for one night of can’t miss television. Instead it was a high wire version of Dancing With the Stars.

Why is it mandatory to have a British person on the panel of three judges? It’s proof of cannibalism. A regurgitation of the same exhausted, beat to death, thread bare, high-fructose, witless, sappy, ‘writerless’ television formula.

Celebrity Circus is not the first one, it most likely won’t be the last – but for us – it’s the tipping point. We’re officially over this genre. Hire some writers. Get some better ideas. Do some fresher shows. Not the same refried Phoning It In Idol.

And please don’t make Biggest Loser: House Pet Edition. Fight the urge.