C&E Parties Down For Its Redesign


More photos and VIPs from last night’s party after the jump…


Mary Matalin and Christie Findlay of Politics magazine.


Bill Beaman (Politics magazine), Tracy Dietz (Politics magazine), Tom Toles


James Carville and Tracy Dietz of Politics magazine


Mike McCurry with Bill Turque of the Washington Post


Kerry Howley of Reason and Will Wilkinson of Cato Institute


Jordan Lieberman, Claude Marx, Michael Barone, Melinda Hennenberger, Bill Beaman

Other attendees:
Carl Cannon, Reader’s Digest
Jeff Gannon
Nick Gillespie, Reason
Stuart Taylor, National Journal
Michael Barone
Robert Traynham, CN8
Matthew Lewis, Townhall.com
Michael Crowley The New Republic
Peter Scoblic The New Republic
Garance Franke-Ruta Washington Post
Cameron Gray XM Radio
Joanna Welch XM Radio
Liz Glover Wonkette
Megan Carpentier Wonkette
Adele Chapin, BizBash