Bonjour, Mademoiselle C: Sneak Peek at Carine Roitfeld Documentary

The third issue of the chunky dreamtome that is CR Fashion Book is hot off the presses (literally) just in time to relive its gestation and triumphant launch in a new documentary directed by Fabien Constant. Opening in select cities on September 11, Mademoiselle C follows Carine Roitfeld as she bids adieu to her decade-long post as editor of French Vogue. Will New York media embrace La Roitfeld? Will the designers and advertisers follow once she has, in her words, surrendered “the crown” of French Vogue? How will she adapt to life as a grandmother?

“Fabien brought up the idea of the project when I was launching my new magazine. I had just left Vogue was starting everything over. I found that period interesting,” says Roitfeld. “I said ‘yes’ instinctively, without really thinking about what it meant.” Having worked with Constant before (“I like his sense of humor and the fact that he doesn’t look at people who work in fashion with a critical eye. He doesn’t judge us”), she was comfortable with his presence (“he just blended into the scenery”), but old editorial and styling habits die hard. “Pictures can be Photoshopped. It’s harder to do with movies,” explains Roitfeld. “I’m so used to controlling everything, the hardest part was being shot from a less-than-flattering angle.” And her favorite moment captured on film? “When I’m singing in Russian,” she says. “I’m quite proud of that. I think that I’m singing pretty well and it’s one of the lighter moments in the movie.” Voici le trailer: