CareerCloud Launches New App & Service: Jobs With Friends

Our friends at CareerCloud are at it again! We just got word from Chris Russell, their CEO, about their new app and service, Jobs With Friends.

Tapping into your contacts for Facebook and LinkedIn per the new service seems like a no brainer. After all, according to JobVite, approximately 40 percent of all hires are attributed to employee referrals!

He dishes, “We are moving to a world where recruiters are scouring the web (social media in particular) to discover new talent. And if you can’t be found, you can’t get hired.”

Through the free service, you can import your Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections. The site organizes all of your contacts’ employers into a browsable, searchable database and voila!

Upload your resume so your friends can get a copy. Kicking it old school, browse the list to see where your friends work and click on the company name to see if there are job openings.

There’s an “ask for referral” button to ask them for a referral if you’re interested in pursuing an opportunity. The system has a message already prepared that goes directly into that person’s Facebook or LinkedIn inbox. At that point, they can download your resume and forward it to HR. Sweet!

The only downside? Friends who are lax about updating their employer information on social media! He advises, “Everyone should make sure their online profiles are constantly up to date if they want to be ready for the next opportunity.”

Russell explains the back story:

“Jobs With Friends stems from the fact that the majority of hires at most companies come from referrals. At most firms its around 40%. So I thought there has to be a way to make it easier for people to leverage their networks to find jobs.

Currently we just tell them to ‘network’ but no one really gives them any guidance on what steps. So I figured an online tool was the perfect solution. Since Facebook and Linked let developers tap into their platform I thought it would be more convenient for users to combine both their networks into one database and use that data in a focused way to get hired.”