BUZZMEDIA Acquires Music and Culture Mag XLR8R

The “About Us” section of San Francisco-headquartered, a publication that covers emerging trends in music, style and technology, hints at why it has been acquired by LA’s BUZZMEDIA:

The leading voice in independent electronic music in the US, XLR8R is also a powerful voice in top international markets. During 2010, doubled in audience and is now at an impressive 450,000 unique visitors per month, with a growth rate of about 10% per month.

This is BUZZMEDIA’s first music-technology sphere acquisition. The deal with XLR8R, short for “Accelerator,” also encompasses nearly two decades of XLR8R print issues and hundreds of archived podcasts.

“Our readers are early adopters,” says XLR8R publisher Andrew Smith. “We have a long history of going beyond the music, drawing editorially from the worlds of fashion, fine art, gaming and music production, and encouraging our readers to immerse themselves in a community that’s rich with creativity and new discoveries.”

Adds BUZZMEDIA CEO Tyler Goldman: “We look forward to growing and amplifying the brand, much in the way we did with Idolator, whose audience has grown tenfold since being acquired from Gawker and recently eclipsed the size of Pitchfork’s audience.”

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