BuzzFeed Announces Plan to Publish Secrets

BuzzFeed content is currently 75 percent “This is Why The Internet is Horrible” and 25 percent “This is Maybe Worth Reading.” Soon, that split will be more like 80/20. According to The New York Times, BuzzFeed is joining forces with Whisper, an app that allows users to post anonymous secrets.

As part of the deal, BuzzFeed writers will scour Whisper for secrets that they can then turn into articles. Think “17 Moms Who Regret Having Daughters” or something headache-inducing like that.

The secrets shared on Whisper are mostly emotional vomit. Here are a few examples:

  • I faked a pregnancy at my last job so I could take an extra long vacation!
  • I wonder if I would like myself if I met me.
  • I’m going on a blind date tonight. What do I do if I’m not attracted to him AT ALL??

As you can see, the app is essentially one big social diary, which should seem revolting to anyone older than 16. However, BuzzFeed has never had a problem with publishing absolute crap, as long as it goes viral. So this is actually a smart move for the site.

“BuzzFeed is just a natural partner for Whisper,” Neetzan Zimmerman, editor of Whisper, told the Times. “It is teeming with the sort of content we will be good at.”

We couldn’t agree more.