British Company Monitors Productivity By Requiring Workers to Wear Armbands

When we heard about what British grocery chain Tesco is doing, it made us cringe. So naturally, we just have to share.

As per the Irish Independent, employees at the Dublin distribution center must wear armbands. Not just any ol’ armband, mind you. It actually measures their productivity! Talk about Big Brother watching, this device micromanages its employees to the point when it recognizes one of its employees takes a bathroom break! 

Officially known as the Motorola arm-mounted terminals, the devices monitor productivity by tracking how quickly employees unload and scan goods in the warehouse.

Not only that, it gives them a grade and also determines their competency at the task. In addition, it tracks loading and unloading speed, metrics employees are supposed to meet. Granted, as per the piece employees may turn off the monitors during their lunch time but hey, anything else — even visits to the water cooler — drops their productivity score.

As for whether or not they’re a success, Tesco didn’t respond to Bloomberg’s request to comment when they heard about the arm bands, too. Productivity aside, we can only wonder how it’s impacted workers’ morale on the job.